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Fansly Downloader is the latest innovative tool designed for efficient and easy downloading of content from Fansly.

  • One-Click Download: Effortlessly download Fansly content with just one click.
  • Chrome Extension: Easy access through a convenient Chrome extension.
  • All Content Access: Download both images and videos from Fansly subscriptions.
  • Fast and Efficient: Saves time with quick and efficient downloads.
4.8 / 5.0 Rating​
200000+ Total Downloads
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Fansly Downloader Chrome Extension

Bulk download images and videos from your favorite creators on Fansly

Ease of Use:
Ease of Use

Designed for simplicity, the extension offers an intuitive, one-click download feature that lets you bulk download images and videos from your favorite creators on Fansly.

Free Trial
Free Trial

Users can experience the full capabilities of the extension through a free trial, allowing them to evaluate its features and effectiveness before committing to it.

Data Privacy

Ensures the highest level of data security, protecting both the user’s personal information and the integrity of the downloaded content, for a safe and secure downloading experience.

How To Use Fansly Downloader Extension

  • Install the Chrome Extension.
  • Open and log in to your account as usual.
  • Click on the application icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the creator avatar you want to export.
  • Click the “Download Media” button. Bingo!
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What Our Users Say

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Ryan Edmonds

Incredible tool! I was able to download my favorite Fansly videos and images in seconds. The one-click feature is a game changer. Highly recommend for anyone using Fansly!

Marie Garibay​

I started with the free trial of Fansly Downloader and was amazed by its speed and ease of use. It’s now an essential part of my Fansly experience. Super user-friendly and efficient!

Clarence Harris​

Fansly Downloader made my life so much easier. The Chrome extension works flawlessly, and downloading content has never been quicker. It’s secure, fast, and very reliable.


Is there a way to download fansly content?

Yes, there is a way to download Fansly content. You can use specialized downloader tools or extensions, such as Fansly Downloader, which integrates with browsers like Chrome for easy and efficient downloading of images and videos from Fansly.

What is the best fansly video downloader?

The best Fansly video downloader is subjective and depends on your needs, but many users prefer Fansly Downloader for its ease of use, one-click download functionality, and secure, fast downloading capabilities. It’s highly rated for its user-friendly interface and efficient downloading process.